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CTBA Political eBrief Wednesday, May 11, 2016

“The issue of daily fantasy sports leagues has been at the forefront of the news over the last few years…committee is providing a forum for all stakeholders to discuss the many aspects of this complicated issue.” Michael Burgess, TX State Representative, in The Hill.
Yuroks Sue Resighini Over Fishing Claims (CA—Tribal Dispute)
SiskiYou Daily (May 10, 2016) Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Yurok Tribe v. Resighini Rancheria and Gary Mitch Dowd seeks a declaration from the court that the Resighini Rancheria has no vested right to fish on Yurok lands without permission from the Yurok Tribe or without a California fishing license.
Northwest Indiana Casinos Continue To Impress (IN—Casino Revenue)
World Casino Directory (May 10, 2016) The five casinos in northwest Indiana continued their strong performance in April after posting a 3.2% increase year-on-year in monthly gaming revenues to $86.3 million despite a 2.1% decline in overall admissions to 865,000.
State Gambling Laws Go Before Florida's Supreme Court (FL—Gambling Legislation)
WJHG (May 10, 2016) Gambling regulations in the state and whether casinos and gaming expansion should happen, are yearly battles in the legislature. But a push is underway to make sure voters are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to whether Florida rolls the dice on more games of chance.
State Gaming Commission Set To Discuss Online Casino Games (MI—Online Gaming)
Boston Globe (May 10, 2016) A national specialist in gambling addiction and representatives of the online gaming industry are slated to make presentations to the state Gaming Commission Tuesday, after questions were raised earlier this year about whether online games that mimic casinos are deceptive.
Fantasy Sports Bill Goes To Governor (CO—Fantasy Sports)
Chieftain (May 10, 2016) After a late night on the Senate floor on Friday, the Senate reconvened Monday and passed legislation to protect the integrity of fantasy sports contests on a 26-7 vote. Sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman, and state Sen. John Cooke, the bill would create a state office that would license and authenticate fantasy sports leagues.
Fantasy Gambling Could Bring In $10 Million For Missouri (MO—Fantasy Sports)
STL Today (May 10, 2016) Fantasy sports betting could generate an estimated $10 million for the state under a proposal being considered in the Missouri Senate. The measure, which comes in response to calls for regulation and taxation of the popular online games by Gov. Jay Nixon, would set up a taxing system similar to what Missouri casino operators pay.
Leave Daily Fantasy Sports Regulation To The States (US—Fantasy Sports)
Forbes (May 10, 2016) Leave it to the states. The released a new report regarding online gambling with a focus on daily fantasy sports. The report is released in advance of a scheduled hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce on the issues and perspectives of the daily fantasy sports industry.
Fantasy Sports On The Hot Seat (US—Fantasy Sports)
The Hill (May 10, 2016) The daily fantasy sports industry is preparing to face its congressional critics for the first time. A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee is set to hold a hearing Wednesday morning where lawmakers have an opportunity to explore allegations that the sports websites facilitate illegal gambling.
Capitol Hill Committee To Discuss Daily Fantasy Sports (US—Fantasy Sports)
Gaming Business (May 10,2016) The US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce will this week debate the issues and perspectives of the country’s disputed daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry. According to Forbes, a hearing will take place on May 11 and feature input from a group of eight witnesses, each of which has a different background and opinions on the future of DFS in the US.
Dark Sky Nation: This Native American Tribe Is Saying No To Light Pollution (NV—Tribal News)
Fusion (May 10, 2016) A laundry list of the many things artificial light affects is long. What Barentine and Bulletts understand is that light pollution has a direct impact on nature, climate, and our health. Research shows exposure to artificial light at night can cause disruption of sleep patterns and risk of certain cancers.
Leader: New Yucca Mountain Report Ignores Impact on Tribe (NV—Tribal News)
ABC News (May 10, 2016) Native American tribal leader said Tuesday that federal regulators failed to consider people living in the Death Valley area in a key environmental report about the likelihood of underground water contamination from a proposed radioactive waste dump in the Nevada desert.
Medicine And Mistrust On Native American Reservations (US—Tribal News)
WWNYC (May 10, 2016) Native Americans have some of the highest rates of suicide, alcoholism, diabetes and maternal mortality in the country. And while the federal government passed the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act back in 1976 to make their care a priority, it spends just $3,000 a year caring for each Native patient. (We spend twice that on health care for every prisoner.)